Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your friends might not know how to tell you...You've got GRIP GUNK

"Greg's an okay guy."

"Yeah, but have you noticed? He's got Grip Gunk."

"Ewwww! No!"

That's right, riders. Spend long, sweaty hours grabbing onto those handlebars? Put in your miles, come rain, shine, or sweltering summer heat? You could be developing grip gunk.

Take our man Greg, here. Loves his bikes. Rode the rear rim on one of them literally to pieces not long ago. He's a guy you'll see out along the highway, day after day, on one or the other of his trusty mountain bikes. And he's built up the gunk. You would not believe the olive-green, greasy paste that permeated the old grips, ground into the creases, even sliming up the insides of them from dirt and sweat that had slithered in there over the years.

Gross does not even begin to describe it.

Grip gunk: don't let it happen to YOU.

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