Friday, March 18, 2016

Litter in the age of heroin

I spotted a syringe on the side of Route 28 this morning -- probably not tossed there by a sloppy diabetic. I stopped to look for something I could use to mark the spot so an officer could find it when I phoned it in to the sheriff's department.

Conveniently, a state trooper happened to drive by. I flagged him down and pointed out the syringe. Then I resumed the trudge to town. It's a chilly, windy day, before a downright cold day. Then we get a snowstorm for the first day of spring. It could be our biggest snowstorm of the winter. Or it could bring only an inch.

By Thursday we're looking at 50 degrees again. Interesting.


Steve A said...

Aberdeen, WA avoids such syringe litter by having needle disposal stations at places such as the library and at the Safeway Grocery.

cafiend said...

We're in the boonies and in denial. The problem has finally become widely discussed, but in the land of live free or die, programs are slow to be developed and implemented.

Steve A said...

Don't feel bad, the Hoquiam McDonald's posts signs saying you can't loiter there. They have no needle disposal stations at Mickey D's in order to emphasize the point. Ocean Shores, OTOH, says cyclists are welcome, per my own experiences to the contrary. I guess cyclists are not synonymous with Heroin users.

cafiend said...

I certainly don't want to give up the bike for the horse.