Monday, June 25, 2018

That Windsor

Here are a few pictures of the Windsor mentioned in the previous post.

The brake setup:
The tricky part was snaking the brake cable housings under the Spenco bar pads. The customer didn't insist on keeping those pads, but he had mentioned that they were comfortable. I figured it would only require a little bit of fishing to feed the brake lines to the interrupter levers, and I was right.

This shot of the stem also shows the asymmetrical shifters:

Chrome head lugs:
Lugwork like this was a nice added value on what was a mid-price bike when it was new. The frame itself is rather heavy, but it is neatly put together.

The drive train:
Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and an SR crank

The whole bike:
A full Windsor, you might say

With long, eyeleted dropouts, this bike can be tightened up for snappier handling (within the limits of the front-end geometry, or stretched out for more comfort and better load carrying. This also allowed a rider to shoehorn in some gear options that push the official limits of the rear derailleur. That would be more of an issue with a shorter-cage derailleur than this one.

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