Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Gilford Run

The ride back from the mechanic's shop turned into a typical time trial racing sunset.

I had a headlight, but had not been able to find my blinky beacons. I suspected the cats had used them as hockey pucks. They like to swat things off my workbench. In fact, they like to swat things of any horizontal surface in the house.

I was probably 15 miles into the sprint when I realized I had left the beacons in the side pockets of my commuting bum bag. It was too late by then.

I didn't lose by much. The headlight came in handy a couple of times to alert oncoming cars. They're more dangerous in dusk and darkness because they'll hook turns in front of you. It wasn't even all that dusky, but dusky enough.

The Planet Bike Beamer 3 has a nifty flashing mode and a slightly bluish tinge. I love the effect of flashing blue lights on motorists. They all have at least somewhat of a guilty conscience.

My computer had mysteriously zeroed out, so I don't know what I hit for a maximum speed in free-fall down South Main Street into South Wolfeboro or what I averaged for my heroic efforts. Great! I can make stuff up!

Realistically, that hill is good for at least 40. As for the average speed, I doubt it was much over 16, with all the climbing and my natural slothfulness.

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