Friday, March 17, 2006

Important Detail

The lowly chainstay protector, once just a nice vanity detail to protect the paint job, has become a matter of life and death for carbon fiber frames. Place that puppy carefully to avoid dangerous nicks and gouges.

Most people put the protector on with the wide end forward, over the wide part of the stay. Don't do that.

Put the wide end toward the rear, thinner end of the chainstay, because that's where the chain line varies through its widest range. Wrap the protector toward the inside of the stay, where it will really protect. Don't just center it on top of the stay. On top of the stay, most of its area is wasted.

On a carbon bike, mount the protector far enough back to intercept the chain near the cluster, where it comes closest to the frame. The front derailleur cage will probably keep the chain from hitting the stay easily at that end.


Anonymous said...

Tim -- so scary that the internet is such a small place. I was looking at commuting websites online and somehow your blog popped up. I only realized it was you about halfway through the 5th post i read. I dont even know if you would remember me for almost 5 years ago -- but I just thought i would say hi. Hope hampshire is as gorgeous as always, as I now live in Utah and don't get back east that often.

best to you and everyone are nordic skier.

lynnie ruder

cafiend said...

I remember you. Nice to hear from you. NH is still the same phunky place as always.