Saturday, August 04, 2007

Agents Track Me Down

French security forces entered the shop at 1630 and promptly closed in on the workshop area. There's no back door. They had me trapped.

Steve pointed to me.

"That's him!" he said.

Okay, I made that up. French security forces did enter the shop with the local man who has been handling their arrangements. Steve fitted them to three rental bikes to be picked up later. Aside from the language barrier, eased considerably by one fluent English-speaker among them, it was much like any rental. The French know cycling, so these guys wanted a sporty fit, but Steve filled the order.

WMUR, the state's only commercial television station, has finally picked up on the excitement. No sign of Le Grand Fromage himself.

Traffic has been nasty this week. It's been one crit after another. I've ridden too hard in the heat. I need some of that stuff the racer boys use, even just the legal stuff. Vitamin injections, massage, it's all good.

Dream on. Slam a couple of ibbies and some more coffee and get out of here.

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