Saturday, August 18, 2007

T-Serv Update

They ride skinnier than they look. The rollout for the computer was almost three centimeters less. A fat two, anyway. And the bike felt quicker. So even though width and height seemed very close between the 32 and 35, the full cross section and volume on the smaller tire produce a tangible difference.

Meanwhile, a helpful reader sent me this link to a source for IRC Tandems. I haven't had time to research any of it further. I just know the tires disappeared from my parts suppliers' catalogs. Maybe this other site just has the closeouts.


Anonymous said...

I have a big fat bike with big fat tires. At the beginning of the summer, that was fine. Then slightly not so fine, and now. . . I'm starting to feel like I'm riding a pregnant cow. I can't rationalize buying a new bike so soon, but I'm working on it.


cafiend said...

Different bikes have different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I wish I could unfold a set of upright bars on my commuting bike when I'm really tired and won't ride fast anyway. As you progress through the season and your life as a cyclist you will want your bike to be able to do different things. Sometimes the only solution is another bike. As long as you have room, multiple bikes take up a lot less space and demand a lot less upkeep than multiple cars. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

That is *so* what I wanted to hear.