Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am the opposite of impressed

The other day, in a snowstorm so wet and slippery it was extremely difficult to stay on the road with four wheels, let alone two, I looked ahead to see a self-centered idiot on his fancy road bike, decked out in his winter finery, slithering precariously along a major highway, holding back a state plow truck and a line of other vehicles.

This rider did not look like a commuter doggedly making his appointed rounds. I'd never seen him at that hour on that stretch before, as I do with the regular bike commuters. He looked like a self-indulgent jackass bent on some personal quest at the expense of other road users with quite enough to deal with already.

Part of self-reliant travel is learning to use good judgment. What I saw was NOT good judgment. And since the nearest side road was in worse shape, whoever it was should have had ample opportunities to abort the mission before wobbling out in front of seven tons of steel-jawed death.

Oh well. It ain't me.

1 comment:

steve said...

Sounds like someone was taking his new Christmas toy out to play. I suspect he won't be playing with it for it very long...