Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christmas Evish

Tomorrow the latest Long Haul Trucker is supposed to arrive with the tweak parts to customize it for its new owner. Also in that order I should receive my two-sided track hub to convert for the Traveler's Check. It's hard to wait to build that bike, but I have to spread the next purchases out. Meanwhile I can build a ridable format from stuff I have on hand.

Believe it or not, about ten years ago it was hard to find a two-sided hub. In case it became impossible, I actually bought a 48-hole tandem hub and devised a spoking pattern to lace it to a 36-hole rim. Before I needed to use it, the beginning of the current rush of two-sided options began to appear, so that hub sits unused. It's threaded for freewheels on both sides, actually drum brake and freewheel, so it's less than ideal for fixed cogs. Maybe I'll lace it 48 with double freewheels just because I can. Pimp it out with multi-colored spokes.

It takes up a lot less space just as a spare hub. Wanna buy a hub? How about a pimped out, crazy wheel? Let me know, I'll build it up.

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