Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Downside of an Upturn

For a while in the early 1990s, fixed gear stuff was pretty hard to find. I began to fear it would disappear entirely. But then the first bits of the single speed and fixie trend started showing up.

The initial relief at greater supply has worn off. You used to be able to get a perfectly serviceable fixed cog for five or ten bucks. The bids open notably higher now, and it's not just due to material and transportation costs or markedly better design and manufacturing standards.

We'll know fixed gears have really arrived when crappy ones show up for sale at Wal Mart.


SuperJon® said...

those of us that refuse to surrender ourselves to a trend are unaffected by the price increase. We embrace the low cost option of multi-gears despite the benefits of single speed life--Even though we still don't see the benefits-- no matter how hard yooze guys attempt to humiliate us, we likes us some options.

Fritz said...

This is Carlos with his Triax (purchased at Target) bike converted to fixed. Does that count?

cafiend said...

That's totally cool. It isn't really a discount store fixed gear, but it shows what a person can do to jazz up something ordinary and make it very personal. Just give us horizontal dropouts and we'll take care of the rest.