Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Further Information on Monday's Tragedy

The daughter of one of the riders in the group with Paul Lacaillade posted an entry on her own site with their account of the accident. It clarifies and corrects some points in the news reports.

On one hand you don't want to think too much about what happened, because you get angry and frightened. On the other hand, the non-cycling majority needs something jolting like this to get them to pay attention to cycling at all. It becomes a teachable moment. Whenever it comes up in conversation, we riders need to make the good points about infrastructure, driver education and public support from government in creating a safer environment for cycling. Keep it short, keep it simple, keep it as positive as possible and keep saying it.

Lacaillade had a lifelong love of cycling. I thought about this rider I had never met as I rode to work this morning. I stuck an elbow into traffic with a renewed sense of purpose.

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