Monday, August 25, 2008

A week or ten days with nothing to say

For some reason, nothing prompted me to write all last week. It was a pleasant time, busy but not out of control at work, with a couple of different guest parties staying over a night or four. Because the weather had settled into a quiet groove, each day slid into the next.

Some themes and ideas will be developed in due course. For now I have to figure out how to protect the deck on the back of the house from the forces of destruction without poisoning the environment. The best option might be to let it rot off completely and replace it with one made of recycled materials impervious to said destructive forces. Another option might be to let it rot and replace it with native stone painstakingly gathered and shaped by hand. Not necessarily a good option, that. It would take a lot of BOB loads. Or a lot of money. I would have to locate good deposits on my land and dig a quarry.

It almost sounds intriguing.

Meanwhile, huge, noisy equipment chews through the forest on the neighboring land. It sounds like it should come crashing through the wall of the house any second, even though the machines themselves are some 300 yards away, maybe more. They're running a chipper big enough to grind up a school bus. They're cutting the trees with something that looks like a modified excavator with a giant circular saw and grabbing jaws on its tool arm.

The cellist and I have errands in opposite directions. We should saddle up and get moving.

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