Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snitchin' a Ride

Before subjecting myself to trial by automobile I made an egg run with my sweetie. The temperature was in the upper 40s with a rising wind, but the sun did its best from its angle below the Equator. Somehow the wind never managed to give us any problems.

We discovered that the Highway Department is into stenciling.

Once in Taylor City we discovered that Cloverleaf Farm's chickens were finally producing, so we got a dozen from there instead of Earl's store. While the cellist talked with the farm folks, I grabbed a few pictures around the City.

Bill Taylor's store

Earl Taylor's store

South Effingham Church. Zoom in on the patterned shingles. I seem to recall Bill Taylor told me they used to be different colors to accentuate the different shapes.
Detail picture from a different day, showing shingle patterns

Looking into Taylor City from the south on Route 153.

Don't fight City Hall

Although I had a list of things to knock off before the delight of four hours driving south with the lemmings, it was hard to hurry.

This leaf-covered pond caught our attention
Quite a contrast between the pleasant bike ride and the door handle-to-door handle motor racing action driving south. Despite my best intentions to stay out of the way and flow peacefully to my destination, some hothead always brings the battle to me. In the restricted spaces of tight traffic, there's often nowhere to go but forward at 75 or 80 just to get to a clear spot to pull aside. It's better really late at night when no one pushes me. Some cruise missile might come by at 90, but not a whole raft of them. The schedule didn't suit a late run this time.

I brought a bike in case I get to tool around down here a little. Then I have to get back home through the northern fringes of Megalopolis.


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