Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Old Fart on Fixed Gear

A young couple came through on Saturday riding back to Boston. The woman, on a Trek hybrid, had some shifting problems. While my associate worked on that, I discussed route options with the two riders. The woman said, "avoiding hills would be nice, since my boyfriend is on a fixed gear."

His bike was a black KHS track bike with flat pedals and drop bars. I didn't ask what his gear was, but I bet it's higher than mine. We started talking about fixed gear bikes in different configurations. Fortunately, I'd ridden the blue bike that day.

He got to see the quick-release rear axle and the two-sided hub. His bike had a two-sided hub, but only one side cogged. I see this a lot on Fixed Gear Gallery, too. That, and people with their wheel pulled almost all the way back in the dropouts.

The fact that I could tell him I'd been riding fixed gears since 1975 gave my methods more validity. I've tested them thoroughly. Being an old fart has its advantages.

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