Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Knock Down, Drag Out

The cellist's Traveler's Check is finished. I need to get a picture of it for the records and to post here. So that's one knocked down.

A triathlete who trusts me to do her race prep has picked up her bike and paid for it. Two down.

The MTB I'm putting together for the Conservation Commission chairman is still on the stand. I hoped to deliver it after last night's meeting, but it is dragging out an extra day. That's because the previous two jobs also dragged out.

I need a BB and to build a wheel to get the cellist's fixed gear ready enough for her to use. She will have to swap the seat and post, and front wheel, from her TC to use the fixed gear built on her old Cross Check frame.

If I get wicked motivated I might build up the front wheel for her fixie, too. I brought home a couple of salvageable 36-hole used hubs. If one of them comes out feeling smooth enough after the overhaul, I can nab a fistful of spokes and throw it all together.

Once she picks a new saddle she'll have two complete bikes.

I just need to quit fooling around on the computer and get back to work.

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