Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enjoying a bike tour while it's still legal.

My 13-year-old nephew-in-law left today after a week up here at Camp Scavengewood. He's a great guest. He actually enjoys the quiet, at least for the week he's here. A second week might drive him over the brink.

This morning we took a 14-mile tour along the Ossipee River.

This was our first river stop, at the boat ramp on Route 153 by the Route 25 bridge. With all the rain, the river is as high as it is in the spring.

Next we rode to the Ossipee Lake Dam and hiked down the trail to the lower end of the island between the river channels coming from the two sections of the dam. I rode some of it, but it's really easy to bounce off a root and take a dive into the river from parts of the trail.
It's not totally clear from this picture, but a tall maple has either washed out from high water or blown down from thunderstorm winds. The leaves out in the river come from its submerged crown.
Surly in the wild
Cool heads prevail. This is near where I test the river every other week. Nephew-in-law tests it for coolness and wetness. Today was hot and sunny for a change.

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