Friday, July 10, 2009

Instant Gratification Season

People on vacation need their bike done now. Even the feeble version of summer that has crawled in out of the shambles of economy and weather has brought riders with limited time and neglected bikes.

Some people tell us they save their work until they come here. I hope it's because we're good, not because we're cheap.

Several of the jobs glowing urgently in the queue are the kind of crazy shit that takes a wily mind and years of experience only gained by a life wasted in the bike business. It's easier to do them than to explain them.

The mechanics are seldom the rock stars of the bike biz. Never mind that the whole pile of cogs crunches to a halt without the grouchy grease balls with the wrenches and ready sarcasm.

Sorry guys. I'm not a smiley front man. If your gear is crap or you've treated good gear like crap, I've seen too much of it to grin and shuffle.

I've lined up the morning's hottest tickets. Now it's time to trudge out the servant's corridor of Wolfeboro, unseen by any of the titans of commerce and other illustrious folk who water here.

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