Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Progress on the Singer

This is the stuff. Cal found some at Sanel Auto Parts.

Here is what it does. The directions on the package say to avoid contact with the skin, but at $12 a tube I would apply the stuff with my tongue sooner than waste any of it on a rag. I did start using a rag, but only after I had spread polish with my fingers. Once a small section of the rag was well charged with polish I used it to spread subsequent applications.

A hubcupine!

Commencing to hook up the spokes.

Wheel builder style: hub label visible through the valve hole. All labels read to the right.

The TA crank, apr├Ęs Simichrome.

The bike is all in pieces at the moment, but those parts are nearly ready to merge back into a whole machine.


Steve A said...

"Through the valve hole all labels read to the right." That should be up there with "rightie tighty, lefty loosey." I'll never have to look it up again now.

2whls3spds said...

Love Simichrome, that stuff has only been around forever. I vaguely recall my dad polishing Jaguar parts with it back in the 60's. For mail order people like me (I have no other option), Velo-Orange stocks it.


kfg said...

The most reliable over the counter source for Simichrome is a custom Harley/Chopper shop. I've haven't seen one yet that didn't have the stuff right ON the counter; those dudes go through a lot of it.

Steve A said...

For aluminum, I use "Mother's" aluminum polish. I use Simichrome mostly on chrome. Mostly on Jaguar chrome.