Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The SRAM Box Problem

SRAM chains come in these plastic boxes. They're too substantial to throw away, but they don't have an obvious secondary use. I've used some of them to organize small parts. They also make handy trays for cleaning parts in a shallow solvent bath. They accumulate faster than I can find uses for them. Maybe I'll try building a house or at least a small shed when I get enough of them. Nah. I don't have that much ambition. But you could. Or you could seal them and make a bunch of them into a raft.


twister said...

re-cycle materials from a bi-cycle shop?

cafiend said...

The boxes don't have a number, only the letters PP in a triangle. They're PProbably recyclable. When I do dispose of any I put them in the requisite bin.

We should wrap things in banana leaves. That packaging is most definitely biodegradable. But then you might get strange bugs.

Research marches on.

Ed W said...

Some suggestions:
Offer them on Craigslist as recyclables. Offer then to local fishermen via a shop or an ad. Offer them to a school for storing pencils, art supplies, whatever. Contact your local recycling group and ask for their ideas.