Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harnessing the Medium

The local TV guy has embraced the idea of a program on bicycling. I won't have time to devote to it until early September, but he's cool with that. We had a meeting Wednesday to discuss more of the content and some shooting ideas. He's got some good ones for setting up situations in the empty parking lot of the high school, where his operation is headquartered. We're going to enlist local riders of all ages and types for the various segments.

Because it's a local show, it will feature local situations. I want to come up with material that informs cyclists and motorists without burying them in too much information.

Right now I don't have time to concentrate on it. We haven't cleared the pile at work yet. It should get a lot deeper as the local triathlon and the Mt. Washington Hill Climb approach.

I'm guessing everyone waited until August to see if they would have enough money to go on vacation. It suddenly went insane in town. So now they want it to be a good one. Quick!


Rantwick said...

Hey, are you going to be on TV? Can I have your autograph? I don't know what it is, but you seem so much cooler to me now...


wordslime! how fitting!

cafiend said...

You knew me before I was somebody.

I hope to get a number of the local commuters in on this. Maybe we can have a little interview segment where we each get to talk about our reasons for commuting and our routes.

Steve A said...

Will these be on YouTube?

cafiend said...

I'm not sure about You Tube. I don't know who owns what from this mish mash or how Peter the TV guy feels about that sort of distribution. I am certainly going to suggest web availability. I'll keep reporting on progress here.