Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I found this stuff on line!"

All-carbon Bianchi Mono-Q frame, two pounds


Steel track bars that would withstand a fully-doped Eastern Bloc sprinter from the 1980s, about a pound and a half. Go figure.

Mr. On-line Shopper brought us his prizes to assemble into a bicycle for him.

The fork with alloy steerer and less-than-svelte seat post bring the frame weight to more like four pounds.

Other details to iron out include the braze-on type front derailleur with no frame bracket or adapting clamp.

Cranks, BB, derailleur and brakes are all Campy Record.

I'm really tempted to half-tape those track bars and bury the stem.


Steve A said...

Makes me want to dig ot a scale and start weighing stuff!

Rantwick said...

Half-wrap, buried stem... you be nice, you. Did you attempt to dissuade him from those bars? Or do you know better than to question your customer's dubious choices?

cafiend said...

I never got to have direct contact with the customer. This was all checked in by the front man. I think some came in while I wasn't even there.

I'll have a chance to investigate further today.

Questioning dubious choices can turn into a mess. We learn from our mistakes, after all.