Monday, July 01, 2013

Lance should race again

Lance Armstrong should not have skulked off in disgrace after it finally came out that he really had been doping all those years. After his recent assertion that no one can win the Tour de France without doping, it occurred to me he should just approach Monsanto about sponsoring a cycling team. They're totally into putting chemicals where they shouldn't be. They could use the whole sport as their publicity campaign.

Too bad no one thought of that while there was still time.


greatpumpkin said...

Lance's statement only supports my assertion that if everyone's doping, then it doesn't give anyone an advantage and he's still the best.

cafiend said...

In a similar vein (heh heh heh) I proposed that there should be Stock and Modified categories. In Stock, riders would be constantly tested for drugs to validate their pledge to be racing clean. In Modified, anything goes.

The Stock riders would probably end up anemic from giving so much blood for testing. But they would ALL be anemic, so it's a level playing field.