Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lighting Priorities

This summer we've been having a lot of this:
With permanently installed lighting I can switch the headlight on when approaching intersections. I do that even in clear weather when approaching a couple of bad ones. My route isn't busy enough to make daytime running lights necessary. The sudden appearance of the light may increase its effect as I enter the maneuvering zone.

Sometimes it's nice to run the light just to add some warmth and brightness to the dreary scene.

On the open highway in fog I appreciate the power of the Superflash blinky taillight. I don't use it in good weather because the sight lines are mostly good and I wear bright (but not harshly bright) clothing. In reduced visibility I want to give overtaking drivers as much time as possible to realize a slower vehicle is there.

To reach distracted drivers, someone needs to invent a device that will broadcast a text alert to any cell phone in active use within 100 yards. Don't bother trying to get idiots to improve their driving habits. Just send them a text of your own. "Cyclist ahead! Eyes on the road, doofus!"


Anonymous said...

I usually keep the Superflash blinking day and night when I commute. I find that riding from bright sunlight into the shadow of trees does a lot to hide the rider from the inattentive driver.


cafiend said...

Good point, NHcycler. In another month we'll be in Glare Season, too, as the sun angle gets lower but the weather still encourages riding.