Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Morning Fog

The approach of autumn brings some brooding skies. This morning's fog was thick enough to rise grudgingly as a thick overcast that only burned off much later. Later rising sun at a lower angle brings less power to bear on the vapor that collects overnight. The day eventually became somewhat sunny, as predicted.

Once I turned off the highway I saw almost no one for the next eight miles or so. The one car I saw coming in on a side road must have turned the other way, because it never passed me.

A customer brought her bike in for us to pack so she can ship it to the start of the Climate Ride from New York City to Washington, D.C.  Every packing job is a unique art project. She rides a little Richard Sachs touring bike from the 1970s or early '80s. Its proportions and our limited supply of boxes led to some interesting challenges. I may be a finalist for this year's Golden Shoehorn Award.

Here's her donation page. Her name is Susan Fuller.

Here's a page listing the beneficiaries of the ride's fundraising efforts.  There are multiple rides and events under the umbrella of Climate Ride.

The rest of my day consisted of odd little repairs as I waited for time to get back on my bike to ride home. Tune in again tomorrow for more diddly crap. But you never know when something good might happen. Remind me of that when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning.


Steve A said...

Did something good happen when the alarm went off this morning?

cafiend said...

I was still here...that appeals to me for now. Plus a pile of furry, purry goodness from the cats sleeping around me. Then some unexpected friends visited the shop this afternoon.

Felt like a wicked slug when the alarm first sawed into my brain, though. Even going to bed early I'm not a morning person.