Friday, September 12, 2014

Muffin Doin'

Feeling a little under-breakfasted this morning, I decided to indulge in a sour cream coffee cake muffin from Lydia's Cafe. The recipe dates back to the original Lydia, around 1997. That's three Lydias ago. The current Lydia is a guy named Hunter, but he carries on the fine tradition of a cheerful welcome and worthy consumables.

The cafe's name may be its good luck charm. The original Lydia was pretty darn special at a time when that whole neighborhood could use it. She and her consort, Darrell, moved on to enrich some other place, but each successive owner has kept the name and carried on its pleasant legacy.

I've been getting the enormous scones Hunter introduced. Scones are totally cool. Everyone knows the cool kids get sconed. But I don't want to get sconed so much I need more and more to get the same enjoyment.

All the way in over North Wolfeboro
                                                              I thought about muffins. Muffin is a word with no dignity. You can't sound tough or cool when you ask for one. The word just sounds like you're trying to say "nothin'" with your mouth full -- as it would be when scarfing down a muffin, for instance. Muffins are just not badass. There's no warrior tradition of muffins. It's not the legendary breakfast or mid-morning nosh of conquerors.

"Finish your muffins, men! We're going into battle!"

I did crack 40 mph ripping down from the plateau where I took this picture over distant Lake Wentworth. Foolish risk is a hallmark of badassery. The paved drop rolls out onto a continuation of the dirt. With the right bike it's a fun rush. The low sun through trees that still have all their leaves makes it hard to see in some sections. Every time I get away with it I'm happy, but I wonder how many chances I have left.

From the top of North Wolfeboro it's basically downhill all the way into town, perhaps seven or eight miles. It's not all free fall; the trail levels out quite a bit. But there's nothing left to climb.

Got to work, changed clothes, assessed the situation and headed for Lydia's.

Muffin obtained, I settled into the morning's work. Jobs tend to drop in one at a time right now, allowing plenty of time to consider the details. If I'm lucky, they're jobs with details worth considering. I mean, everyone's details are important, but some of them are more interesting than others.


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