Monday, November 09, 2015

Hang 'em high

I brought more serious tackle to work to handle the dead weight of the last pair of electric bikes I had to work on. It had been a boom vang at one time, on a boat I no longer have, which had already been reconfigured, leaving this handy unit as surplus.

After I placed some hooks in the beams above my stand I hung the purchase and secured it to the moped.

Playing with the rope was way more fun than any work I did on the bike itself. I left it hanging there for a while just for the fun of it.


John said...

More hang time than that ride will ever see... hopefully. =)

cafiend said...

These particular specimens are the biggest pigs I've ever seen, in a genre known for pigs. Some things you look at and say, "I wish I'd thought of that." I look at e-bikes and say, "I wish no one had thought of that."

The only place I've grudgingly allowed that electric assist makes life possible is on a big honkin' tank of a bakfiets a young family brought in. You'd never get anywhere around here without electric assist on something of that mass and volume. But they're using it as a car replacement.

Mike March said...

Those A2B are starting to get popular out here in Ottawa, not sure why other than the tires are so thick, they can take pot holes.

Personally, I think the idea of them riding on a bike is MUCH better than them driving around in a car. The more the people get out the better.