Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday night's all right for lighting

The town had turned on the lights along the path on Saturday night when I headed out from work. The wind was still gusting over 20 as the temperature dropped. The deserted path, all brightly lit, looked like a stage set.

It's only lit along a short section. Beyond this corridor I rode in the usual solitary darkness. The wind was mostly behind me, which only mattered in the few stretches where the path is not sheltered by trees.

The wind also carried the smells of two Asian restaurants and some other delicious dinner odors across the path. Since those were concentrated close to town, the rest of the 7-mile grind up to my car seemed extra long.


Steve A said...

Any of those "Asian" restaurants Iniqn or Pakistani?

cafiend said...

The cuisine is based mostly on what Americans refer to as "Chinese." But they refer to themselves as Asian in the names of the restaurants.

RANTWICK said...

Great. Hungry for American-style deep fried "Chinese" bonanza now. Thanks.

cafiend said...

I know, right? Hard to get excited about anything in my fridge after deep breathing my way through the tempting vapors.

NHcycler said...

This reminds me of a favorite quote:

"Singing songs like 'Porgy' or 'The Man I Love' is no more work than eating Chinese roast duck. And I love roast duck!" -Billie Holiday