Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shoulda bought that BOB

Dammit, I waited. All set to buy a bike trailer, then I looked at the Surly Big Dummy as a better alternative. They won't be available until later this year. So I put it off.

Now I have to buy cat litter, beer, laundry soap and other hefty items with only panniers to haul them.

Use a car? One has mysteriously lost most of its engine oil. We discovered this after getting its flat tire fixed. The other leaves daily at 0530 because someone needs to be at work at 0600 and isn't ready to hammer the bike commute in one hour or less. It's harsh for a night-oriented musician type to have to jump up at 4 a.m. to leave on a commuter time trial well before the sun comes up. It would be hard on almost anyone except your chirpy, self-righteous early-riser types.

Cars are such expensive crap. They're convenient and all, but break one and see how convenient it is when it's a huge chunk of greasy metal and plastic that won't move from wherever it happened to die. A buffalo will be consumed by vultures and other creatures. It will cook down fairly quickly. A motor vehicle the same size just sits there. It settles gradually, but it does not return to the Earth.

We'll give the ailing one a transfusion and get it over to our chosen shaman to find out where the lube went, and why. He keeps his fees as reasonable as possible, but sometimes you just have to pay. And as soon as he finishes that, we have to tag the other one in for its annual inspection. Cha ching.


Anonymous said...

Bikes teach us the weight of liquids; beer, milk and rain.

bmike said...

The Burley has worked out well - but a Big Dummy will be quite nice. My wife and I just took delivery of a bakfiets. Low riding, long Dutch cargo bike goodness. Can't wait to get that for sale sign on the car... we'll only be car lite though. We're keeping the one thats been paid off for a long while.

Keep writing. I enjoy dropping by.