Tuesday, July 03, 2007

There, that's done

This minor pre-holiday grocery load included a bundle of broccoli, a head of lettuce (red leaf), a 12-pack of cat food pouches, a box of graham crackers, a package of flour tortillas, a block of Vermont cheddar, a box of laundry soap powder, a bag of coffee beans (fair trade, organic), two 6-packs of beer (two varieties), four peaches and a dozen eggs.

The S.S. Hernia about to set sail. I don't even want to think about the loading on that rear wheel. I never plan to load the Cross-Check heavily, so I haven't fitted a front rack. I could have used it today. I stuck myself out over the front wheel and pedaled really delicately. Everything made it home intact. The tires are mix-match, 700x35 rear, 700x32 front, because I pressed my exploring/touring rear wheel into daily service last month and I haven't done anything with the tires. The matching 700x35 is on the front wheel of the fatty set. I should put it on. I'm just too impressed with the longevity of the 1980s Mavic MA2 rim that's on the front now. Front wheels generally last forever, barring severe trauma.

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