Friday, October 19, 2007

Crash Reports

One friend's father was hit in a traffic circle in Massachusetts. He was placed in a medically-induced coma and did not look like he would make it. As it happens, he is now on the way to nearly full recovery. A family member says he may have some "minor neurological deficits," but, "if you didn't know him you might not even notice."

Good news of a sort.

Apparently, he got right-hooked by a woman who was trying to exit the traffic circle from a line inside his. A witness said he went flying over the hood. Without knowing more about how the situation came together, we can only speculate about what he could have done and just exactly how negligent the driver was. Cyclists have to be supremely vigilant, especially in roundabouts, where nobody knows who is really supposed to do what anyway.

In other news, another friend's son (or son-in-law) got trapped between a motor home and a guardrail. By incredible good fortune, he was not ground to a pulp or sliced into gruesome ribbons. Merely scuffed, and with a fairly trashed bike, he is now in negotiations with the motor homer's insurance company about the extent of the settlement he WILL receive.

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