Friday, October 19, 2007

Product Review: Aztec Hideous Crap

Actually, the product is called "Vibe" handlebar padding. I just had to remove some to do a stem change on a bike old enough to have a one-bolt stem clamp. What a hideous process that was. I had to use a heat gun on the high setting for long enough to turn the red padding a sinister, pre-ignition brown. As it bubbled and peeled back like a movie demon being vanquished, it out-gassed noxious odors that have no doubt started numerous tumors throughout my body and brain.

This product may help protect your hands from road shock, but be warned. Applying it is a one-way trip. There was even some double-stick tape in this whole agglomeration that kept me from unwinding the ordinary-looking black padded over-wrap until I'd played the searing blast of the heat gun over it to summon its toxic imps from their lairs.

The bars are still completely coated with leftover adhesive.

Thumbs down on the Aztec Vibe handlebar padding.

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Yokota Fritz said...

"As it bubbled and peeled back like a movie demon being vanquished..."

Ha ha! Love that simile.