Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Local Journalist Moves Up

Early this month I started to write about the possibilities of the Surly Travelers Check and pecked out a whimsical post about modular frames and componentry choices. It caught the eye and drew a comment from Steve Frothingham, formerly of Wolfeboro, now in Boulder, CO, as web editor for VeloNews.

It was strange to be addressed by name in the comment. I don't cloak myself in heavy veils of anonymity, but I don't post under my given name, either.

I didn't even know Steve had left town. Working at the outpost all winter, I don't get most of the news about local comings and goings. I got filled in, though. Seems like Steve is on a great adventure in career enjoyment.

I really admire genuine journalists. Imagine having the interest, literacy and guts to go out asking questions of strangers and writing about it. It's hard enough when they might want to share their story, but highly intimidating when they don't. There's great satisfaction in getting the truth into print, whenever that's possible within the constraints of the deadline and the size of the news hole.

Introverted doodlers and greasy wrench turners can only gawk. We might speculate, but we don't go dig out the story.

We'll miss Steve around the 'boro. Any riding community needs all the good riders it can get. But he's having fun and getting paid for it and giving his family a change of scene from the well-worn paths of New Hampshire.


Yokota Fritz said...

Ah, so now we know your name. :-) I can call you something other than cafiend or Citizen now, except we already have too many Tim's in the cycling blogosphere.

cafiend said...

I hardly knew any Tims growing up. Now they're all over the place. Still outnumbered by Steves, though.

As for anonymity, if I'm going to get rich and famous (and I'd better get cracking on THAT), people have to know how to make out the checks. :-D

Masiguy sounds like he knocks back a good bit of coffee. Brotha!