Friday, April 25, 2008

Went Retail

Ordered the FSA Orbit UF headset from the lowest-price online source. After due consideration of finances and available successors to it, decided it was still the best buy. Then emailed FSA to ask whether it is being discontinued entirely. If so I should try to get one or two more. Mrs. Umm's Surly still has the stock headset.

Maybe something like it will return in a few years when the industry "discovers" that concept again. New! Improved!

Of course I'm still waiting for top-mount MTB thumb shifters to make a comeback, but all we're getting is MTB brifters. But something will trigger retrovation.

Retrovation is the process of reinventing something tried and true under the guise of innovation. Think non-round chain rings and some of the weird frames of the early 1990s mountain bike boom, just to name a couple. Straight-pull spokes are on that list, too.

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