Sunday, February 14, 2010

February: A Lot Like the Middle of Nowhere

Usually I'm working 12 straight days during this part of February. Massachusetts schools take a break during the week following the President's Day holiday. Vast numbers of Massachusettsans flood winter recreation venues. It's like a herd migration.

Winter isn't cooperating. Some vacationers have come up anyway, apparently for the ice skating. A few have even tried the six kilometers of trail we have on life support.

With no work marathon, I'll probably try to go for a ride tomorrow. Then the forecast gets murky. Tuesday could bring enough snow to make a better skiing surface. Or maybe it will just muddle up the outdoor riding. So what season is this?

The stack of firewood in the shed dwindles. The days lengthen. Snow could turn it into winter. Or we could just go on, day after dusty, windy day, salt and sand on frost-heaved pavement, far from spring.

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