Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunny with cream cheese

Went for another fixed gear ride yesterday under sunny skies, with milder breezes than the day before. I should have chosen the fixie with fenders, because a high around 40 sent meltwater streams across the roadway in places. It wasn't bad. I just hate brining the Traveler's Check.

After I got home I was doing some chores around the yard when I noticed that the snow had the perfect skating and turning surface we refer to as cream cheese. The snowpack was basically firm, with a very cooperative top layer. Too bad I had to move on to other important tasks.

Windblown debris covers the decaying snow. The skiing wouldn't have taken me far. I could see myself hooking a tip on some piece of crap in the beech glades or the logged areas up the back mountain. For the moment it seems wiser to look toward cycling season.

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