Saturday, August 02, 2014

More customer improvisation

Big G got this one on the stand yesterday:

The customer had splinted a broken chainstay.
If you look closely you can see the crack.
Perhaps more disturbing is the splint on the seat stay. The bike shows no signs of impact or hard use. Could the frame have been cut? The same customer brought in a wheel from a different bike with six spokes cut out of it.

The customer made no mention of his frame repair. He just wanted a tune up.

UPDATE: The customer said he was unaware of the attempted frame repair. Apparently he bought the bike this way. I'm tempted to look under there now that the bike has been written off. I want to know what the splints are covering. But my autopsy room is already pretty full.


Matt Boulanger said...

Well, the previous owner had to get the chain off SOMEhow.

cafiend said...