Friday, August 29, 2014

One in the bottle and a bunch of drafts

When it comes to beer I'm drawn to the dark side. This bottle of porter fit neatly in my rack pack for the ride home from work.

A series of sluggish awakenings and headlong sprints to work have worn me down with two commutes still remaining. But on the ride home I kept getting passed by strings of traffic pulling powerful columns of air. The waves off each vehicle would lift and pull me, one after another as they went by. Labor Day weekend traffic seems light by holiday standards, but most of it seemed to be going my way and a lot of it was towing trailers. No one passed alarmingly closely.

Every day's ride should be this trouble free.


Steve A said...

I MISS Porter, and Stout even more!

cafiend said...

Hast thou no breweries thereabouts? Seems like a new one pops up every week. However, everyone seems obsessed with making IPA. So maybe the dark stuff is a bit of a treasure hunt in some places.