Friday, October 10, 2014

Bamboo cycle wipes

This sample of White Lightning bamboo cycle wipes showed up in the workshop this week. I finally read the info today.

The wipes are made of a tough, durable  but biodegradable bamboo fiber fabric. Supposedly it will degrade in 28 days when composted. Use a disposable product without guilt!

Yeah? What about the packaging?

My "cycle wipes" are little squares of old cotton tee shirt tucked into the bags on each bike in the fleet. I carry another scrap or two in the bum bag I use for commuting. Those and saliva make up my cleaning kit. Every so often I launder the little rags. When they get too bad I throw them away.

Your alcohol based cleaning towelettes can potentially dry out in the package if you haven't had occasion to use them in a long time. On the other hand, if I can't produce saliva I have worse problems than a bit of grease on my hands.

Your socks come in handy for minor finger wiping, too.

Maybe if I had a rash of roadside breakdowns and had to grovel around the grimier parts of my bike several times in a row I would feel differently. How many non biodegradable packages of biodegradable wipes would dry out before that happened?


John said...

Disposable rubber gloves are my way of dealing with the griminess of shop repairs, usually carry a pair with on rides too. Old worn out laundry items are a mainstay and how I preserve the integrity of said gloves. Not the greenest solution...somewhere in the middle. Those wipes just dry-out my skin too much.

Chandra said...

It rains bunches here and so for the most part the frame stays clean (good thing I have mudguards). The wheels get a bit dirty and I wash my bike sometimes in the summer. Otherwise, a bucket of soapy water and a rag does it for me. Rags are a plenty at our home, as there is a hoarder (don't tattle on me now) who never throws anything away :)

Peace :)