Friday, October 03, 2014

Speaking of bags

This morning I had to carry a smallish, lightweight box to town. Its cubical shape made it awkward for a pannier or to fasten to the top of my rack pack. It did fit in this handy dandy day pack I got at Eddie Bauer a couple of years ago.

The handiest dandiest feature is that the pack stuffs into its own bottom pocket.
Eddie Bauer isn't the only company to offer such a pack, but that's where I saw this one and it happened to be on sale. It has come in handy numerous times. Today was just one more.

Stuffed, the pack is easy to slip into your luggage or otherwise tote along when you think you might want it. I also like how it reminds me of a calzone. Although I would not eat a green calzone, cyclists are always hungry. It doesn't take much to remind us of food.


Unknown said...

I think you have the bike bag fetish.

I can't speak about how smooth and silky your legs are though.

cafiend said...

When I raced I never won the race but I always won the shave. Three days on the face, totally smooth on the legs. Partly because I couldn't stand the feeling of stubble when I wore long pants. Partly because I figured if a guy was going to shave his legs he'd better do a superlative job of it. I wasn't going to take a razzing from the ladies over my amateurish technique.

For a while in the 1990s our mountain bike group went for the smooth look. No drastic manscaping, but competitive leg shaving. A new and enthusiastic women's riding subculture in town sort of dared us to do it.

Been fully furry since just before the turn of the century after that shaving craze died down.

I have no trouble admitting to my love of bags. And shoes, for that matter. Mostly the shoes are activity-specific, but I definitely want the right ones. I noticed early on that the mark of real commitment to an activity was when you bought the shoes for it.