Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chaos and Tedium

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend brought moments of frenzy interrupting a generally tedious plod toward quitting time. Renters would arrive at exactly the same time as repair check-ins and groups of shoppers. All would leave at once. In the quiet times we could grind away at the uninspiring mechanical work as we watched the beautiful day slip past the windows that separated us from it.

I wore something festive to mark the last big driving holiday of summer.

The same work load spread out evenly would barely have taxed our skeleton crew. The three of us ran around trying to look like five or six during the chaos. But a full staff might simply have annoyed each other during the lulls. We covered the store while a delegation from our management manned a booth at a local promotional event inconveniently scheduled on the big holiday weekend.

Monday should be interesting, beginning at 5:30 with river testing before I sprint to work. It requires such an early start that I might as well stay up all night if I don't get to bed early enough tonight.

In our business we have the opposite of holidays.

Any eloquent pieces of writing that occur to me during the day have shriveled into mummified remains by the time I get time to try to capture their full youth and vibrancy.

Time to hit the road.

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