Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morning Fog and 40s

As the earth gives up its heat to the longer, cooler nights, fog forms in the low areas. A body of water provides even more moisture for the atmosphere.

I have to escape from the Pine River valley every morning. In the middle of summer it may only be pleasantly cool, but right now the first three miles of the ride to work have been shrouded in murk. A please-don't-kill-me-yellow vest seems like a good idea, unless the morning is cold enough for me to wear the nicer yellow Sugoi Stealth windbreaker.

Days are short enough and my commute is long enough for me to bring lights for the ride home. On a clear evening I don't really need them unless I stay late at work, but each day the sun sets a little earlier, while home gets no closer. And a few clouds can bring dusk even more quickly.

I warm up more slowly in the mornings and ride more deliberately in dusk, so the trip takes a little longer at both ends of the day. It's all part of the natural arc of the commuting season.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. I decided that this sucks. I almost got clobbered a couple of times already even with front white and rear red lights. Now I ride ('cause now somehow I *need* to ride, now ) in the afternoon when It's warmest and light out. I work the early shift 7 to 4 and can ride after. It will be bad when it gets too cold and dark at 4 to ride.

The other day my kid came with me and I totally kicked his ass. Very funny since he's taller than I and thinks of himself as quite the athlete.

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