Saturday, September 08, 2007

Somewhere in the world it's quitting time

The CEO took off to go yachting about two hours ago. The rest of us drift in the doldrums, hoping to reach the lush shores of freedom before we die of boredom.

Sure, there are things to do. But not all work is satisfying work. Desperate ennui can share space with several other emotions and intellectual occupations. And it frequently does around here.

The hour and a half to quitting time drags past like the torment of being slowly roasted over a medium-sized fire when the same hour and a half before work jets by like a hummingbird on Mountain Dew.

Enervated by the exhausting crawl through the desert to reach the end of the work day, I then have to find the energy to ride aggressively out of the city limits to reach roads open enough to let me warm up gradually. It's upside-down and backwards compared to how a ride should evolve.

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