Sunday, July 16, 2006

Short, Clear Messages

Most of us riding on the road are not racing as professionals or even amateurs. Why should we wear the logos of companies and teams that don't even know we exist? We can put that space on our jersies to better use.

Remember that you only have a few seconds to get your point across. Keep it short.

Crowded New England roads inspire phrases like, "It's not my fault your car is too big," or, "You CHOSE to drive."

For protective coloration, how about logos from Smith & Wesson or Sturm, Ruger? Or just settle for a big NRA logo with the words "Armed Citizen" wrapped around it. It doesn't have to be true any more than the threatening color patterns of certain insects mean that they really have the exaggerated features they simulate.

How about a jersey that says "Undiagnosed Psychopath"?

How about "Run! The pin fell out!!"

Or, "Caution: Projectile Vomiting"

Or you could wear an ad from a local personal injury lawyer, with the words, "do you feel lucky?"

The possibilities go on and on, but I have to charge off to work.

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