Monday, July 17, 2006

Speaking of Toe Clips

Listening to the Eurosport audio feed of the Tour the other day, I heard one of the commentators say that the Mavic neutral support bikes have clip-and-strap pedals because they can't provide all the different step-in pedal options the different teams use. With a toe strap, the rider in need can have some sort of connection to the pedal, however uncomfortable.

Fancy that.

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Anonymous said...

At the tour of CA I saw the toe clips and straps on one of the bikes and I asked one of the Mavic guys "why the toe clips?" they said if a rider needed a full bike near the end of a race, it is faster to put the rider on the bike so he can finish. Also, if the rider needs a full bike change in the middle of the race, they have a box of ALL (I mean ALL!) the available pedal types and will put them on for him/her for a full bike change. (They also ask what the saddle height is, and adjust it accordingly)