Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Workload

The big problem with a seasonal work load is not that we get a bunch of work dumped on us. I hate that it's a banquet of perishable delights, some of which must surely spoil before they can be savored.

Every repair that comes in, every assembly to be done is a chance to do something perfect. But I can't work any faster than the speed of accuracy. Some of these jobs will slip through my fingers.

I used to get really wound up over quality control for the whole shop, but I burned out on that last year when I was forcibly reminded that I have no real power except over what is right under my hands. Who knows, I may lose even that. It certainly demands all my attention. If I let myself get distracted by what anyone else says or does I will make mistakes I can't permit myself to make.

In tourist towns we have two positions: overworked and unemployed. I wish it could be spread out more evenly. I actually don't mind a little leisure when the rush is over, but I hate missing an opportunity to do good work on all the work that comes in. Even if a customer is an unreasonable schmuck who treats us like the hired help, I can't enjoy cutting corners. Ultimately, your work speaks for itself. Months later it will be miles away, but it will still have your fingerprints on it.

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